In 2019-2020 the Scuola Superiore Meridionale (SSM) in Naples organizes the following three four-year doctoral programs, each endowed with six fully funded scholarships:

These doctoral programs feature:

  • Four-years lenght;
  • Six fully-funded scholarship each (€ 19.000,00 per year, raised by 50% during study and research stays abroad);
  • At least 12 months of study and research in international universities and research institutions;
  • An annual research grant per doctoral student, equal to 20% of the standard scholarship;
  • An interdisciplinary approach;
  • A solid network of national and international relationships.


- Maximum length of the research proposal: 3,500 words
- Length of the abstract (in Italian and English): max 500 words
- Bibliography: a representative selection

For terms and conditions see the call for applications

How to apply

Application deadline: 2 September 2019, at 12:00 (CET)