Dipartimento di Scienze sociali

The Department of Social Sciences has a highly qualified staff of professors and researchers, who comes from diverse disciplinary fields: Anthropology, History, Law, Linguistics, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology. Our academic staff work together effectively, generating excellent research, teaching and learning opportunities across the disciplinary boundaries.

The theoretical and empirical research carried on in the Department distinguishes itself for being highly innovative and multidisciplinary and addresses two macro areas: public policies, social inequalities and welfare, where sociologists interact with historians, law experts, political scientists and statisticians, and communication and digital cultures, where research groups cross the borders of disciplines such as Anthropology, Linguistics, Philosophy, Political Science, Sociology.

The Department of Social Sciences offers a three years doctoral programme in Social Sciences and Statistics, which places a strong emphasis on methodological and analytical tools required for social research and invites the PhD candidates to adopt a multidisciplinary approach in designing and developing their research projects and doctoral theses.

Teaching and research activities of the doctoral programme benefit from the contribution of the majority of the Department staff and of an advisory board, composed by renown Italian and International scholars (http://www.scienzesociali.unina.it/dottorato/).

Research output (2011-2013)

Data on the research output of the Department are extracted from the 2011-2013 Research activities Review (SUA-RD)


Data on the Department Staff is taken from the institutional website of the Italian Ministry of University and Research

Research projects

  • Department of Equal Opportunities within the Italian Presidency of the Council of Ministers: "Women, politics and Institutions" (Coordinator: Luigi Caramiello)
  • Universidad del Pais Vasco/Euskal: "Projects ALFA Vincula Entorno" (Coordinator: Stefano Boffo) (http://www.alfa-trall.eu)
  • Ministry of Education, Universities and Research - Ministry of Economic Development: "Contamination Lab Naples" (Coordinator: Lello Savonardo) (www.clab.unina.it)
  • Ministry of Education, Universities and Research: "Databenc" (Coordinator: Enrica Amaturo) (http://www.databenc.it/)
  • National project Ministry of Education, Universities and Research 2010-2011: "Sustainable Everyday Practices in the context of crisis. Toward the Integration of work, consumption and participation" (Coordinator: Antonella Spanò) (https://sepresearch.wordpress.com/).

Libraries, labs and facilities

The Department of Social Sciences provides the following library, Laboratories and research facilities:

Third Mission

The Department of Social Sciences offers the following Third Mission activities promoting scientific culture in society:

  • Administering websites and blogs
  • Collaborating to editorial boards of scientific journals
  • Participating in the public debate through media and new digital media
  • Organizing exhibitions and cultural events
  • Providing lifelong learning opportunities such as
  • Training courses to facilitate employability in collaboration with Sida Group and Masterandskills
  • Master's Degrees for graduate and undergraduate students on Public Health System management