Economics and Finance (Master)

Course description

The Master in Economics and Finance (MEF) is a 9-months graduate program that allows students to complete their training in economics and finance.

The Master is aimed at two groups of students:

- Those planning to pursue a career in research. Our graduates successfully enrolled in Ph.D. programs in economics or finance at Berkeley, MIT, Duke, Princeton, Northwestern, Yale, Boston University, London School of Economics, University College London, Oxford, Universitat Pompeu Fabra and Toulouse.

- Those seeking graduate training for a professional career. Within six months from graduation, our graduates found jobs in banks (Unicredit, San Paolo-Banca Intesa, Citibank, Deutsche Bank, HSBC, Royal Bank of Scotland), companies (ENEL, Finsiel, IBM, Wind), public-sector or international institutions (Bank of Italy, Italian Treasury, European Commission, Eurostat), financial and rating companies (Pioneer Investments, Pictet, Link Financial, Moody's) and consultancies (KPMG, CRA International, Deloitte Consulting, Ernst & Young).

The Master's courses aim to:

- develop problem-solving skills using state-of-the-art analytical tools;

- improve the ability to work effectively in teams, and develop presentation skills;

- acquire the background to continue graduate studies in economics or finance, with a preparation roughly equivalent to the first year of a doctoral program.

The MEF also offers a Finance Module specifically designed for students planning to pursue a professional career in finance.

A typical weekly timetable

  • Three classes a week for each course

1st term  

  • Mathematics for Economics and Finance - 7 credits
  • Introduction to Econometrics (Statistics) - 5 credits
  • Game Theory - 3 credits
  • Microeconomics I - 5 credits

2nd term  

  • Econometrics - 5 credits
  • Microeconomics II - 5 credits
  • Asset Pricing - 5 credits
  • Macroeconomics I - 5 credits

3rd term  
OPTIONAL COURSES (Students must select a total of 6 courses) - All III term courses 3 credits

  • Market Microstructure
  • Macroeconomics II
  • Microeconometrics and Panel Data
  • Derivatives
  • Banking
  • Banking Regulation
  • Business Analysis and Evaluation
  • Time Series Econometrics
  • Corporate Finance
  • Law and Economics
  • Corporate Governance
  • Economics of Regulation
  • Auction Theory

Planning and advising

Students are encouraged to explore their potential interests in the Master in Economics and Finance by sending an e-mail to

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